Covid Lockdown Level 3 Access



These rules are for everyone’s safety and complies to level 3 lockdown regulations.

  1. Access times will be everyday between 7h30 and 17h00 by appointment only.
  2. Appointments must be arranged with the manager – Geoff on 071 576-3781 –this is to control numbers at the premises
  3. Bankenveld gate have their own controls – please be patient and follow instruction by their staff, we have tried to make access as seamless as possible.
  4. Once at the club gate – contact Geoff or his designated employer on 071 576-3781, someone will then meet you at the gate.
  5. Before access is granted at the gate the following will be checked/done
    1. Wear your masks
    2. Sanitize your hands
    3. Complete the log book
    4. Log your temperature from the scanner
  6. Once in the club grounds
    1. If fishing launch as per normal, (Must have a fishing license, recreational boating is still prohibited))
    2. Remember your social distancing – this include on the water.
    3. Wear your mask – it is a public place.
    4. The change room toilets will be open and a sanitizing station has been provided at the entrance/exit.
    5. The clubhouse is out of bounds – including the veranda
    6. No socialising will be allowed – no braais, parties meetings etc. at the lapas, camp site or anywhere else including the swimming pool.
  7. On Exiting
    1. Contact Geoff so we can log you out in the log book

We appreciate that this seems a bit extreme, remember it is still level 3 and at least we can get out on the water.

As the levels decrease our restrictions will be eased accordingly.

As always – enjoy the club.

These procedures were approved by the committee and the staff are implementing these instructions – don’t shoot the messenger

Thank you for your understanding

Barry Ogilvie