Haysons Christmas Regatta

WYAC would like to thank the Haysons day care centre, and the entire Haysons family for hosting the Annual Christmas regatta. Also a special thanks to the additional sponsors and Manager Geoff, and staff for hosting a well run and memorable event. Sunday afternoon lunch was also much appreciated after two good days sailing.

The Christmas tree with our residents Santa Claus must also get a special thank you. Santa arrived by boat, and just seeing the kids facial expression and excitement was so worth having an early Christmas. Alex I’m not sure has been a good boy this year, but Santa gave him the benefit of the doubt.

First place when to Craig and Rory Hay, second to Barry Ogilvie and John Wegerle, third to Steven and Devon Matthews (close racing with the 3 top spots separated by a single point each) and the most improved sailing incentive prize went to Jacque and Sadie Behr sailing their Sprog

1st Place L-R Craig Hay Brian Price & Rory hay

2nd L-R John Wegerle Brian Price & Barry Ogilvie

3rd Place L-R Brian Price, Devon Matthews & Steve Matthews

Santa & Vanessa

Santa & Aiden

Santa & Alex


Thank you to everyone who participated and played their part in this annual event. Cannot wait for 2021.

Brain Price

Sailing Secretary